Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Bush Team Must've Written This

Our vet gave us some medicated shampoo for our new kitten, Gracie. Just as Bush's "new way forward" speech was written by people who have never fought a war, the directions on the shampoo were written by folks who have never had a cat!

Here's the what we're to do:

1) Completely wet the cat.
2) Thoroughly lather the cat.
3) Leave the lather on for ten minutes, and
4) Do not allow the cat to lick itself while lathered.
5) Rinse thoroughly.

Any volunteers?


Roxanne Jekot said...

Ummm, are you sure that shampoo isn't for toy kittens? You know, the stuffed variety sitting on my daughter's bed?

And, no, Amy.........I'm not volunteering! ;-)

Speaking of kittens.........I have several who need a home.

Tina said...

You can get a "collar" do-hickey from the vet that will keep the kitty from being able to lick herself while the lather is on.
Good luck. She's a beautiful kitten. My adopted kitty Brutus had gingivitis and he actually let me swab his gums with no protest !

Vic said...

While we're at it,Travis and i will have 8 dalmation/lab puppies ready for adoption in about three weeks.

from the zoo in the hood,

Amy Morton said...

I know that she will loe the collar...

Amy Morton said...

love the collar

Tina said...

I know that there are protective collars like that to keep dogs from biting at wounds and stitches.
She won't love the collar, but it's not for but 10 minutes and, as Pollyanna would say, it's for her own good. :-)
If you have seen one before, you probably could construct one yourself out of cardboard, i.e. a doughnut shape with a slit on one side that allows it to be slipped around her neck.
Good luck.

liberalandproud said...

I think there was a typo in those instructions. The first step is missing: heavily sedate the cat.
; )

Amy Morton said...

No kidding! You will all be pleased (I think) to know that she is doing quite well and will hopefully be allowed to come home soon and meet our other cat, Itty-Bitty-Kitty (who is, by the way, no longer itty bitty). Don't feel too bad for Gracie, she is living at the office for now, so she gets to be with both of us all day.

Miller Thomson said...

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