Friday, January 12, 2007

Cagle Puts Staton in His Place

Cagle is one smart politician. Today, he killed Senator Staton's much-blustered-about constitutional amendment on Voter ID (you know, Staton's solution to the pesky and expensive constitutional problems with his legislation). With one strike, Cagle put Staton in his place and made oh so many Democrats (read: potential voters) happy. And, there was no real cost to Cagle. The thing was not going to pass anyway, so Cagle looks sane and Cecil, well, looks like Cecil.

It is not, in my opinion, a coincidence that Staton was staunchly in Reed's camp in the election (as in sent an oh-so-sweet op-ed to the Telegraph two days before the primary that discussed Reed's virtues), and Cagle is on record crediting his victory in large part to the twenty-plus sentors who signed the statement asking Reed to withdraw. It was Staton who was at Reed's "victory party" consoling Sadie Fields and complaining about the fun the media would have with Reed's defeat. This was a brilliant political move for Cagle. Staton? Well, one of two things happened. Either (1) Cagle did not tell him that he planned to pull the bill and let him walk into this rather embarrassing situation blind (ouch), or (2) Cagle did tell him, and Cecil, being his arrogant self, filed it anyway betting that Cagle wouldn't pull it. I'm betting on #2 and wager Staton won't do that again.


Vic said...

The day before Ralph Reed & Cecil Staton addressed the Bibb County Republicans at the Medical Center of Central Georgia this summer, a local Chapter of the Christian Coalition led by Dave Johnson was revoked.

Johnson had endorsed Cagle over Reed. So i guess that's a glimpse of what you get when you mix church and state.

I don't know where this Christian Coalition mouthpiece Phil Dacosta fellow fits in but he was side by side with Jack Kingston when Bush was in Macon and somewhat shy about his picture being taken with Jack. The same camera shyness was conveyed when he and my Christian friend Rep Allen Peake were together when Cousin Sonny came to the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame last Winter.

Guess you gotta be a Republican to be a Christian in Phil's eyes.

Glad i'm a DemiCan and YidHindBudhChrisIslamist, these far right Christian guys are starting to act strange and erratic since America indicated it wanted to end the ChristianRepublicanNeoCon War.

Roxanne Jekot said...

Perhaps it's possible Cagle is smart enough to understand this legislation has been a national embarassment to Georgia?

I know political payback is a powerful thing, but do you really think that's the only possible reason for Cagle's response?

Perhaps we can watch other Staton legislation to see if Cagle kills them too.

I'm not defending Cagle, just hoping there's more to this than petty know, like this is really, really, really bad legislation!

Amy Morton said...

Roxanne: We should not underestimate Cagle, and this is a good theory, and it would work here, except that Cagle said, again yesterday, that he favors voter id. I think that he is wise enough to realize that they did not have the votes to pass the legislation, and that he was unwilling to expend political capitol making those who opposed it create a record of that opposition through their vote. He is also wise to make moves that at least appear to be at least a hat tip to bipartisanship. It's the kind of move that might make some dems and certainly some swing voters move over and vote in a republican primary in order to vote for Cagle over Richardson, for instance. We can talk about the implications of that later. The fact is, while there are new members, this thing has been voted on before and everyone is pretty much on record. So, there's little to gain there-even though Staton previously acknowledged that it probably would not pass, but thought that it would be worth proposing it so voters would know where their legislators stood on the issue.

The interesting wrinkle here for me is why Staton put the legislation forward if he knew Cagle planned to kill it, or if he didn't know this was the plan, why didn't Cagle clue him in. I think this was a no-loose for Cagle. He got to do the right thing, politically, and poke a stick in Staton's eye. It was a win-win. At least that's my theory.

Vic, I also think that in Georgia, to a lesser degree than nationally, Republicans are struggling to control their extreme elements, and Cecil Staton, the guy who thinks that if you don't have a driver's license you can just use your passport to vote, absolutely represents their most radical right-wing faction. The guy who beat Ralph Reed is absolutely no political dummy.

Tina said...

Like Amy, I am always interested in understanding motives, and in politics there are seldom actions without some sort of background agenda.
Maybe quashing the Voter ID bill (which is an ill-conceived idea doomed to fail anyhow) was a cheap bone to toss to the democrats. Looks big but no meat on it !

liberalanimallover said...

Hey Victor, I know Phil . He is a big animal lover who stands up for animals with politicians all the time. He is the only Republican I respect. He is a Christian wacko, but he lives out what he believes and he holds politicians who claim Christian virtues accountable. No one campaigned harder for Casey Cagle against Ralph Reed than him. He is very intelligent and passionate, which is great for animals, but hurtful to what we think is good for America’s future. He convinced my son to cross over and vote for Cagle. He almost had me convinced but I could not bring myself to ask for a Republican ballot. He is not very fond of Cecil Staton, the two of them clashed over the Reed-Cagle race and I know he is very suspicious over Statons close relationship to Godsey. He thinks Staton is guilty of heresy for publishing some book Godsey wrote. Although I don’t agree with how closed minded he is, I respect the way he stands up for what he believes in and for the countless hours he puts in standing up for animals.