Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Georgia Bloggers Hit Gold at the Dome

As Travis Fain pointed out the the Macon Telegraph this weekend, times, they are a changin'. Georgia bloggers (Andre, Bernita Smith and others) have being granted press credentials in the Georgia Senate. (For what it's worth, Richardson's House seems to be behind the curve. To my knowledge no Democratic bloggers have been granted press credentials in the House as yet.) Plus, Jason Pye and Chris Farris have launched a new legislative watch blog, www.gabills.com, that helps the average citizen track legislation, for free. All this means greater citizen access to government, and that's a good thing.

Yes, it appears Georgia Political Blogs are all grown up and have the power to shine a bright light, in real time, on the legislative process, and that can bring about change. Don't believe me? Bernita was live-blogging the "hearing" on HB1 today, and it was powerful. Check the 60+ comment stream at Blog for Democracy, and notice that the AJC Political Insider picked up the story.

Why does this matter? Bernita painted a picture of the hypocricy and extremism of the radical right that has taken control of the Georgia Republican Party, and in the process, had the Republicans chastising Rep. Franklin. Now that's the power of truth and light. Bernita, you are a rock star!

We need to do a whole lot more of this.

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