Thursday, January 18, 2007

Glenn Richardson's "Unadulterated" Videotape

Today, in the AJC, Glenn Richardson says that the videotape will clear him. I had heard that there might be video, but this is not what I was not exactly what I was thinking of. I have to wonder why Speaker Richardson keeps bringing this up. Here's a portion of the article:

"Richardson's assertion that he killed the bill relates to a speech he made on the House floor two days before the 2006 session ended. To refute the conflict-of-interest allegation, aides to the speaker showed The Atlanta Journal-Constitution a video clip of that speech, in a version that had been edited to include a soaring musical score: An unadulterated version is available on the General Assembly's Web site, in archived video from the morning of March 28."

A soaring musical score? What? And did the AJC really use the word "unadulterated"?

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Kathy said...

What? You mean he didn't superimpose the flag over the whole thing? As long as he was going with a musical score he might as well have gone whole hog.
Just when you think things can't be any more absurd........