Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let the Games Begin

The Associated Press is reporting that Sen. Eric Johnson said today that Speaker Glenn Richardson may be subpoenaed as the investigation into possible ethical violations continues. Is this the first of many rounds between Johnson and Richardson? Is he simply going through the motions, rattling the sabres, to quiet the public? Or, can he simply not pass up the chance to investigate a potential opponent for Governor? Maybe, just maybe, Johnson will let the process work.

Regardless, the complaint may have to make it through three Republicans (Johnson, a Republican he appoints and an unspecified senate appointment) before a hearing could happen. That panel can simply find the complaint specious and dismiss it. If I were a Republican, I would want the thing fully investigated. The Foley scandle helped bring the national Republican effort to a screaming halt, not because of Foley's conduct but because Republicans in leadership positions failed to act. Georgia Republicans fail to police the Speaker, and others, at their own political peril. And as long as there is not a open and thorough investigation, the rumors will have legs.

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