Sunday, January 21, 2007

Poll: Who Do You Support for DPG Chair?

Update: Let's try this one more time. As Melanie pointed out (thanks, Melanie), the initial poll that I put up last night was not secure. For example, it generated the following results despite the fact that the site only had about 50 unique visitors since the poll was posted after midnight

Mike Berlon (214) 57.37%
Hattie Dorsey (22) 5.90%
Jane Kidd (23) 6.17%
Jim Nelson (114) 30.56%

The poll allowed folks to vote multiple times, so these results are not accurate. Let's try this this one which appears to only allow one vote, per computer. Sorry for the mistake. I am also adding a poll at the main Georgia Women Vote site (right side, bottom), and know that poll to be secure.

In less than a week, the Democratic Party of Georgia will elect new leadership. This is an historic opportunity. Who do you support for chair? Especially if you are a State Committee member, I invite you to post your reasons for your choice in the comments.

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MelGX said...

Amy, this poll isn't secure and won't give you an accurate snapshot. Just FYI.