Friday, January 5, 2007

Richardson Awash in Rumors

Georgia Republicans are looking a little frayed these days. As they jockey for position in the leadership elections to take place on Monday, they risk exposing some of their dirty laundry. Check this story on Peach Pundit. As Bill Shipp noted earlier this week, some questions have arisen about Speaker Richardson's after hours activities. know when they start the blaming and explaining they are in real trouble. When they invoke the Clinton metaphor, their goose is cooked. Expect this story to break over the weekend, and expect more causalities as rocks get tossed about the glass house of the Gold Dome. The interesting thing is that it appears that the Republican internal fight for power is to blame for the story breaking. Where's that rigid discipline and party loyalty that helped them gain power? Is this the opening act in the Richardson-Cagle-Westmoreland fight for Governor? This could make Cox-Taylor look like a love-fest.

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