Friday, January 19, 2007

A U.S. Senate Candidate?

There has been a lot of speculation about whether Jim Butler is eyeing a run for the U.S. Senate. Today, via email, Jim said, in part:

Apparently there are at least some who think my motivation for speaking out on this DPG subject is an ambition to run for office. So, I'll share the below. I have not decided whether to run in 2008. There are a lot of considerations - a lot of reasons not to run. Obviously if so many Georgia voters who won't even consider voting for a Democrat were no longer stuck with the cartoon image of "Democrats" which has created over the years by the Republicans (with a lot of help from Democrats themselves), that would be an encouragement to me. What the State Committee does on January 27 will profoundly affect the image of"Democrats" in this state. So to some extent broadening the reach of the Party is connected to my consideration of whether to run. But I'd be doing this even if I had irrevocably decided not to run. I AM a Democrat. I used to be a Republican. But that party's reliance on race politics and its adoption in 1980 of voodoo economics converted me, and its irresponsible "policies" (if one can call them 'policies') since that time have repeatedly reaffirmed my decision to be a Democrat. (I do not see how anyone can 'read the red words' in the New Testament and then consistently vote Republican.)

Interesting. I do agree with the part about the red words!

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Lyman Hall said...

Amy- Can you fill us non-state committee members in? What was the original message from Mr. Butler that caused such a stir? Thanks.