Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anita Ponder, Joe Allen and Jane Kidd

Here are a few tidbits from Macon today:

1) City Council President, and candidate for Mayor, Anita Ponder and County Commissioner, Joe Allen, addressed the Macon League of Women Voters at lunchtime today. The topic was consolidation of city and county governments, and as usual, the discussion on the topic was lively. Ponder and Allen agreed that the governments should be consolidated. Ponder said that because of the various hurdles that must be cleared, it is probably not possible to get this issue before the voters before 2008. She pointed out that the City had passed a resolution supporting consolidation, but that the County had not. Joe Allen asked the group whether they wanted him to place such a resolution on the agenda for the County Commission to consider, and the group overwhelmingly supported the idea. (One member offered a bit of historical perspective. Apparently, the League has been on record supporting consolidation since the 1930's.) Getting voters to support this issue, particularly voters in the county who are likely to see at least an initial tax increase, will be tricky. So, Joe, we'll waiting to see that resolution on the County Commission agenda.

2) Joe Allen was a little late to the meeting, but his excuse was one that made me happy. Jane Kidd, newly elected chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia is in Macon today meeting Democrats. Joe had stopped by to meet Jane. She was also on the Kenny B and Jami G Show this morning on AM940. By all accounts, she did well. If the Chair of the Party is down here in Macon, going on the radio and meeting Democratic County Commissioners and others, that's a sign she's doing the things that need to be done to win elections. She really meant it when she said, at the election, that the Party would "come to you." Thanks, Jane!


Martin Matheny said...

Thanks, Amy. We had a great time down there, and will hopefully be spending some more time with y'all very soon.

You can also catch Jane on Jami's public affairs show this weekend, so please tune in.

Amy Morton said...

That's on Sunday, correct? Do you have the time? This is great. Jami is always telling me that she wants more Democrats to come on the show to, you know, balance things. She also is glad to get data, articles etc. to use. We'll look forward to seeing you guys in the morning at the breakfast.

Vic said...

Please tell Jane that i voted for her about 35 times during the unofficial poll here at GWV.