Tuesday, February 6, 2007

BREAKING: Bibb BOE Votes to Oppose Voucher Bill

Tomorrow, with their morning coffee, Georgia legislators will get a copy of a resolution opposing SB 10 (The Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Act). That resolution, passed tonight by the Bibb County Board of Education is lengthy, accurate and biting. Board members have clearly been eating their Wheaties.

I will scan and post a link to the entire resolution tomorrow, but here's a taste:

"Legislators should not use the frailest and neediest group of students, those with disabilities, to advance their cause for the public funding of private schools. Voucher proponents should not step on the back of students with disabilities to get closer to their cause, school choice for all - private or public. This is a class system deception to support agendas of those who want vouchers/reimbursements for their children who already attend private schools."

Good job!

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Don Thieme said...

The legislators have got to be aware that there will be abuse if these vouchers go through. Parents will get kids who are basically normal classified as "special" in order to get them in private schools or have tutors. That is what has happened everywhere that I know of with this sort of voucher program.