Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Conservative Christian Horrified at Perversion of Justice

In the ongoing saga of Genarlow Wilson, check this post by Will Hinton on Peach Pundit. Here's a nugget to entice you:

"Does Genarlow Wilson deserve to be punished? Absolutely. Is sentencing him for 10 years in jail for oral sex just? Absolutely not. As a conservative Christian, I am horrified at this perversion of justice. There is nothing “conservative” about sentencing this young man for 10 years in jail. And there is nothing just about the sentencing either."

I am not sure what Johnson expected when he posted yesterday, but it was probably not this. The issues in Wilson's case obviously transcend political parties and labels of "conservative" and "liberal." This is about whether or not the General Assembly has the strength of character to admit a mistake and do the right thing to correct it.

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