Monday, February 19, 2007

Democrats Work! a Huge Success

This Saturday marked the kick-off event for Democrats Work! in Georgia.

Democrats Work is a new national organization that mobilizes Democrats to perform community service- as Democrats. Democrats Work partners with Democratic organizations to help connect Democrats with visible, tangible service projects in their communities such as cleaning up parks and neighborhoods, working at food banks, building houses, sponsoring basketball tournaments, and helping at church bake sales. Through this service-based approach, Democrats Work aims to promote and energize the Democratic brand at the local level, showing our neighbors that Democrats work hard to improve their communities every day, not just at election time.

More on Saturday's clean-up efforts in Sunday's AJC.


Vic said...

Glad the National Democrats finally came way down heah to show y'all how to do this. There must be an election coming up if they are promoting tangible, all politics is local, hands on community service...

Vic said...

Wednesday 2/21/07

An opportunity to serve education and underpriveleged children, who take time to volunteer to serve their community on a regular basis despite the odds:

The Mentors Project Presents:

WHAT: "Mentor Orientation"
WHEN: Wednesday Feb. 21
TIME: 5:30 to 7p.m.
LOCATION: Red Cross Office, 195 Holt Avenue, Macon, Georgia.

***The training is for new as well as seasoned mentors. for more information***

For more information:

June O'neal

The Mentors Project
Overview & Applications Website:
P.O. Box 13750
Macon, Ga 31208-3750

Mentors Project Physical Office Location:
Room 229
484 Mulberry St
Macon, Ga 31201
478-765-8624 - Phone
478-765-8540- Fax

"Who mentored you? Thank them, and Pass it on....Mentor a child."

Vic said...


The MP currently needs:

18 male
4 female


Kathy said...

Democrats Work is a terrific idea. Nothing like "hands on community service" to make friends and influence people at the most basic level. Which of course is exactly what we need to do if we are to counter the demonization job the opposition has been doing on us. Besides, altruism simply for the sake of it is a Democratic ideal. Helping because it's the right thing to do...what a concept! Count me in!

Tina said...

Our Middle Georgia Democratic Women's club has been involved in numerous social service projects, including collecting school supplies for poor kids, volunteering at schools, donating canned goods to Loaves & Fishes, donating clothing to clothes closets and more. Some of our invidual members have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Cherished Children, and New Hope Center. Two of our members have recently been named to the regional mental health board.