Thursday, February 22, 2007

Edwards Confirmed for JJ Dinner

John Edwards is confirmed for the JJ dinner, a key annual fundraiser for the DPG. This year, the dinner will be held in May. That's what Jane Kidd said this morning at the WIN List Legislative Breakfast. Others have also been invited but have not yet confirmed. Details to follow.


Don Thieme said...

I hope that this means that the Democratic presidential candidates will spend some time down here in the red states of the Southeast. Big-time strategists are apparently advising them to ignore us and concentrate on the mountain west.

Amy Morton said...

I think that it depends on how the primaries line up, date wise. They're pretty much going to have to go where the votes are during primary season. Maybe Georgia will move the primary up. It's good that Edwards is coming in, though!

Vic said...

Our next President John is on Georgia Improper's Friend's list and i forgave him for stealing all of Doc and my *policy ideas. Drop by, get contemporary and read all about it. Next thing yanno, he'll be joining the DemiCan Party.

1) Time to end the war (view more)
hope to see you ladies at the silent vigil in Macon each friday afternoon.

2) Universal health care Let's make it happen (view more)

3) Starting Today: Raise the Minimum Wage (view more)

4) Take Action on Energy: A Grassroots Effort (view more)
*2007 year of the compact fluorescent.

5) Silence is Betrayal (view more)

Coach said...

Amy and others-

Thanks for all you do in Middle Georgia. Jane really feels that middle Georgia is where elections are won and lost and plans on spending a significant amount of time there.

We are hitting the ground running on preparing for the Jefferson Jackson dinner.

I would love to talk with you whenever you have some free time.

If you have any questions regarding JJ, please don't hesitate to contact me at 404-870-8201.

Brandon Thorn
Finance Director
Democratic Party of Georgia

Button Gwinnett said...

I agree with Don...I hope Georgians will get a chance to see the major Democratic candidates up close.