Thursday, February 15, 2007

For the Record

Congressman Marshall's plan to vote no on the war resolution falls in the category of the 50% of his decisions I disagree with. I would like to tell you that I am surprised by his choice, but I am not. I don't agree with this, but in the past, I have heard him make the case that you don't criticize and analyze a war while you are in it because it is demoralizing to the troops. I don't know how you get the cart out of the ditch unless you acknowledge that it is, indeed, no longer on the road. I think that his resolve on this issue is related to his military service and background, not his political ambition. I think that he really believes that he is doing the right thing by not opposing the Commander in Cheif while we are at war. I could not disagree more.

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Kathy said...

Jim Marshall is probably voting his conscience on this in light of his own military experience. However, as a seasoned politician, he would be a fool not to recall the lessons of the 2006 elections.
Yeah, we Democrats made great strides nationally. But in his district...where Every Day In Middle Georgia Is Air Force Appreciation Day...he was reelected by the skin of his teeth.
While Bush was snubbed in many areas of the country, his Halloween visit to the Ag Center played to a packed house. In short, as I remind my transplanted Yankee friends, this ain't Minnesota..or New York. Jim knows his constituents. The ones who go to the polls, anyway.

For the record, I disagree with his decision on the war. But I can understand why he made it.