Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Incredible Bigotry

The routine Telegraph column on the actions of Planning and Zoning is seldom interesting reading, but today the headline, "Church Permit Plan in North Bibb Draws Fire" caught my attention. Seems that some property owners oppose the proposed church because this is an area with significant commercial potential. The church being there would limit retail options, especially for establishments selling alcohol. The irony of folks in North Bibb (Cecil Staton country) opposing a church so that they can make more money by selling to establishments that can sell alcohol is fodder for another post, but today it is the statement of the current property owner that demands attention:

Here's what the property owner, Frank Perez, had to say:
Frank Perez, owner of the Gateway Drive property, said if the church isn't allowed, "I have a back-up contract for a Hispanic gay club."(The Telegraph, 2/14/2007)

The bigotry captured in that statement is sickening. Here's a guy advocating for a church to be built, yet he exhibits this kind of hate. If the church has an ounce of compassion, if they profess to follow Jesus in any fashion, they ought to publicly condemn this statement and withdraw from negotiations to purchase the property from this man.

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