Sunday, February 4, 2007

McCain's Shameless Sell-Out

Presidential hopeful, Sen. John McCain, the Republican my yellow dog Democrat momma once opined she might vote for, has sold his soul for another shot at the oval. McCain, who months ago hired as national campaign manager the creator of those ultra-negative "call me Harold" ads from the Tennessee senate race, has now reached further into the sewer and pulled out the substance you would expect to find there-the Swift Boat Boys. Yes, in an effort to win the nomination of a party that finds itself so far outside the mainstream that their eventual choice will have to scramble up a greased poll in high heels to win, McCain is climbing in bed with fellows he onced claimed to abhor.

There was a time when I worried about McCain and considered him the biggest threat to democrats in 2008. The strength of his military record and his seeming independence I thought would appeal to swing voters. I am no longer concerned. We now know who he really is. He has bought into the "anything goes to win" mentality, and the problem he may find is that the American people have finally wised up.


Chris said...

His bigger problem is that he flip flops so much. Even his devotion to campaign finance reform is just an extreme reaction to being one of the Keating 5.

You can flip flop all you want and still win high elective office, but not if your bread and butter is honesty and whatnot, like McCain claims.

If his Republican primary opponents don't figure it out by next February, we'll have 8 months to take St. McCain down 10 or 12 notches or so.

Tina said...

I lost confidence in him when he smooched up to Falwell.