Friday, February 9, 2007

Nice Landing

Creative Loafing's Political Party reports that former GDP Director of Communications has signed on with John Edwards campaign.

Southern son Edwards has good organization here. He enjoys the backing of former Gov. Roy Barnes and counts on the well-connected Emil Runge -- on leave from his job as communications director of the Democratic Party of Georgia -- to run his Atlanta headquarters.


Amy Morton said...

I thought he might land there. That's great news for both Emil and Edwards! Emil is one of my favorite people. He worked for Edwards last go-round. Whenever I have been in a bind with the press, or needed help getting a story out, Emil stepped up.Most noteworthy was when I was coordinating Georgia Women for Kerry and Bushies pulled a Rove trick by planting offensive "pro-Kerry" literature (with Bush pictured as a disabled child) in an affluent North Bibb neighborhood, then called a press conference and blamed us. When a reporter plopped down beside me with notepad in hand to tell me about the allegation, Emil was my first call. He will do very well for Senator Edwards.

MelGX said...

Look at you! Off and running like a blogger pro. But don't forget rule #1: always include a link, especially if you reference the story. Without links, there is no blogosphere.

Kathy said...

John Edwards is the most likely to succeed Democrat in the running. I would love to see him pair with Obama as VP. It would be reminiscent of the youthful and dynamic pairing of Clinton and Gore. Of course Barak Obama has more personality than Al (bless his heart).

Chris said...

This would be good news for Edwards...and it was in 2004. Don't know why Pizarro thinks this is new news, but that whole story about Runge is what happened in the '04 campaign when he took a leave of absence to be Edwards' Georgia campaign manager.

This has nothing to do with the '08 campaign. Someone should have called Emil for a comment.