Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Policy Meat or Prime Cut Leadership

Ariana penned this post on Barack and the media that caught my eye this morning. Her premise is that mainstream media attempts to minimalize popular candidates by asking for more details on the plans. Her response (and Barack's) is that real leadership is what is needed not more white papers that can't get implemented in a void of leadership.

What do you think? Which is more important for the next Presidential candidate--better policy papers or leadership?


Amy Morton said...

That's interesting. I think that what it takes to get elected and what it takes to govern well are not necessarily the same. Style and substance are both needed, but those more elusive qualities like "trust", "respect" how people like Bill Clinton and John Edwards are able to walk into a room and immediately own it- those things draw voters. On that note, for all the good things I can say about Hillary, I don't think that she quite has the Bill Factor- the thing that draws people to him like a magnet, makes people want to listen. Probably was one of his characteristics that got him into trouble!

Tina said...

Barack Obama is charismatic and brilliant. I think he has a great future. He will be in the history books one way or another.

Kathy said...

Leadership and charisma, hands down. For good or ill, we have become a sound-bite culture where elections are waged mostly in the media.

Considering that reality, those who are gifted with ease and authority in front of an audience and/or a camera have a huge advantage. And it doesn't hurt to be good lookin'.

All things considered, I submit my dream team of Edwards/Obama. It's balanced geographically and ideologically and they are both charismatic speakers who exude youthful optimism. Just the ticket to counter the greedy, grumpy old men of the GOP.