Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Poll & New Front Page Posters Wanted

Paging women from Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus and all points between. Georgia Women VOTE! has had a good year. Blog traffic is increasing, and we are attracting visitors from all over the Georgia, other states and, yes, other countries. With the Presidential and Senate races upon us, I think that it is time to add more front page posters. I am particularly interested in including folks from parts of the state other than Middle Georgia. If you are interested, send your contact information and a sample post to amymorton@aol.com.

I am also interested in readers thoughts about what would make the content here more interesting. What would you like to see us do differently at GWV? Please take a moment to complete the poll, or put your response in comments. Thanks!


Ed Hula III said...

I would like 1, 3, and 4 even though four is a stupid one to want, as it goes against you know, that whole "women" thing. :)

Mainly 1 and 3

Amy Morton said...

Help me out, Ed. The answers change order with each vote, I guess in a nod toward randomness. Which ones were 1, 3 and 4 when you saw the post? I assume 4 is the one about men posting. I don't think men posting is counter to the purpose of the site. Depends on what they post. Some things would be, well, inappropriate. For example, my husband did say that I left out an obvious option: "Post photos of hot Georgia women who vote." I don't think that one will be making the front page....but I bet it would increase blog traffic and maybe even boost voter turnout. :)

Ed Hula III said...

"Post photos of hot Georgia women who vote." WHAT? YOU WOULD NOT POST THIS!!!! :)

Elected officials and local politics is what I would be interested in. And I guess you could kill two birds with one stone if you send a note out to every Dem woman in the Gen Assembly.

Amy Morton said...

Ed, I found humor in the absurd. Of course I would never post that. My husband was joking. Thanks for clarifying what you voted for!