Monday, February 12, 2007

Ponder to Announce for Macon Mayor

On Valentine's Day, Macon City Council President Anita Ponder will be announcing her candidacy for Mayor of Macon. The email I received tonight was headlined with the logo, "Ponder the Possibilities." I understand that there will some significant star-power at the event, including Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin.

First, a disclaimer. I have not yet, and do not intend to take sides in the Mayor's race. I do not live in the City, and do not get to vote in the race. I have several friends who are running simply wish all of them well. That said, I think that Ponder has a good shot at becoming Macon's next mayor. I know all the issues. None of the candidates are perfect. I think that there will be a runoff in the democratic primary, and if she makes it to the runoff, given the demographics of the City, I think that she just might take the whole thing. It will be interesting to watch this one as just an observer.


Tina said...

I'm not from Macon but I am glad that a women is running. I bet she would make a sensible, pragmatic mayor.

Kathy said...

Anita Ponder would make a good mayor for Macon. Some time back, she encountered a great deal of flack from both sides for her assessment of where political and monetary power lie in Macon and the necessity to work together. What she said was absolutely true. If Macon is prepared to at last put the 60's behind them and work for the common good...Anita's the one!

Vic said...

You can enjoy the pics of cousin Anita throwing her hat in the ring a little later but in the notsomeantime enjoy the roofs over Macon pics after Anita's over the rainbow hat toss.