Friday, March 16, 2007


Georgia Republicans are wasting no time moving forward with their plan to rollback eligibility for PeachCare. In fact, the very first item on their agenda when the session reconvenes on Monday is a vote to do just that. They know that it is the weekend, and they are doing this now so that there will be limited opportunity for public comment. We must act today and through the weekend if we hope to stop this ill-conceived plan.

Thanks to Planned Parenthood for this information:

Urgent PeachCare Alert

Bill to cut PeachCare eligibility is set for a vote at 9:30 a.m. Monday --Please call committee members today and ask them to vote against HB 340!

HB 340 is set for a vote in the House Health and Human Services Committee Monday morning, March 19, at 9:30 a.m., Room 506 in the Legislative Office Building. The bill would cut income eligibility limits from 235% of the federal poverty level to 200%. Children in a family of three with income over $34,340 would not be able to get PeachCare.

We understand there may also be an effort to use this bill to cut dental and vision services and charge families more for them.

Please call committee members TODAY! Ask them to vote NO on HB 340.
Please let them know you want:
* PeachCare coverage for more children, not fewer
* An end to the freeze on PeachCare enrollment
* No cuts in services or cost increases
Children without health care coverage are far less likely to get the services they need and are less likely to do well in school and become productive members of society. Cutting coverage will send children back into emergency rooms and cost more down the road. Ask the committee to make children our state priority.
Thank you!

Sharon Cooper, Chair, Marietta R-41 404-656-5069 Ed Rynders, Vice-Chair, Albany R-152 404-656-7855 Buddy Carter, Secretary, Pooler R-159 404-656-0213 Charlice Byrd, Woodstock R-20 404-656-0126 Mike Cheokas, Americus D-134 404-656-0325 Doug Collins, Gainesville R-27 404-656-0188 Katie Dempsey, Rome R-13 404-656-0126 Karla Drenner, Avondale Estates D-86 404-656-0202 Tom Graves, Ranger R-12 404-656-7146 Bill Hembree, Winston R-67 404-656-5146 Michele Henson, Stone Mountain D-87 404-656-0116 Sistie Hudson, Sparta D-124 404-656-7859Lester Jackson, Savannah D-161 404-656-6372Sean Jurgeson, Canton R-22 404-656-0287 Sheila Jones, Atlanta D-44 404-656-0323Margaret Kaiser, Atlanta D—59 404-656-0265 Mike Keown, Coolidge R-173 404.656.0177 Jimmy Lord, Sandersville D-142 404.656.7859 Barry Loudermilk, Cassville R-14 404-656-0152 John Lunsford, McDonough R-110 404-656-7146 Gene Maddox, Cairo R-172 404-656-0152 Fran Millar, Dunwoody R-79 404-656-5064 Billy Mitchell, Stone Mountain D-88 404-656-0116 Howard Mosby, Atlanta D-90 404-656-0287 Don Parsons, Marietta R-42 404-463-2247 Allen Peake, Macon R-137 404-656-0188 Nikki Randall, Macon D-138 404-656-0109 Carl Rogers, Gainesville R-26 404-463-2247 Tony Sellier, Fort Valley R-136 404-656-0265 Robbin Shipp, Atlanta D-58 404-656-6372 Barbara Sims, Augusta R-119 404-656-0109 Pam Stephenson, Atlanta D-92 404-656-0126 Mable Thomas, Atlanta D-55 404-656-0314 Stan Watson, Decatur D-91 404-656-0220 Joe Wilkinson, Sandy Springs R-52 404-463-8143

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Tim said...

I posted a small update to this at HB 620, the bipartisan compromise bill to save PeachCare is fairly decent, wouldn't deny coverage for anyone, and won't cost us federal dollars in the long run.

Let's hope they do the right thing and pass HB620 instead.