Monday, March 5, 2007

Coulter Did NOT Make a Mistake

Say whatever you like about the inappropriateness of Ann Coulter's comments about John Edwards on Friday, but don't be naive. Ann Coulter is a seasoned political operative, and, on Friday, she did NOT make a mistake. She said exactly what she was supposed to say-exactly what she had planned to say. Not only were her remarks precise, but I wager that she and other Republican operatives weighed the impact and the likely fallout. They decided that having the idea that John Edwards is a (word I won't use here) floating in the news cycle and on the blogs was worth it. Her role is to say what the GOP wants in the media- they rely on her and others like her to say what the candidates can't. Being a tasteless bigot is part of her act. It's expected, and when it happens, the Mitts and Rudys can stand back and act appalled, while the rest of us beat on Ann- which is exactly what she wants. She is well-paid for her work.


Button Gwinnett said...

I believe it was calculated as well. I don't really see anyway that this can actually hurt Coulter. However, it will hurt Edwards because it was said in the media. And it hurts Democrats in general in areas where this kind of tactic can work.

She doesn't tie herself to any one particular candidate. So she does no harm to any GOP hopeful. If they all rebuke her, so what? It's not going to hurt her book sales. The people that buy her books are people that practice bigotry and use the biggotted terms that she uses. She's David Duke in drag.

Merrill said...

This is one of the smartest comments I've seen about Coulter's remark. Coulter's just in it for the money, but she's part of the GOP machine that wants to hang certain words on Democratic candidates to drag them down, like they did with Gore and Kerry.

I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!

Amy Morton said...

Thank you, Merrill. I'm glad you enjoy the blog. In politics, I think that it is always important to look behind the curtain and see who is pulling the strings!

I agree, Button, it will hurt with some segments, but it is interesting that they chose to attck him. Is there anyone who is a better poster child for family values than John Edwards? Okay. I get it. That's why they chose to attack him.

Kathy said...

Coulter the Cobra is always calculating and always well paid when she strikes.

The Republican machine realizes the party's in trouble. They have on offer an adulterer whose children are so alienated they will not even campaign for dear old dad; a Mormon (who will not go down well with the Fundamentalist base, since they will be unlikely to vote for someone they consider non-Christian.); and John McCain who has tossed honor overboard and is running with the "swift boat" advertisers nowadays. No wonder they have turned to such a seasoned character assassin to try and even things up.

I hope Edwards will not take the bait and try to "defend" against the "charge" of being gay. I hope he will label it the politics of desperation that it truly is and shrug it off. That's what Gore and Kerry should have done.

Vic said...

Whatever the GOP strategy is, it worked, while y'all were giving Coulter all your energy:

Senate focuses on importing medication
By Gregory Lopes
March 8, 2007

The Bush administration yesterday favored keeping the ban on importing prescription drugs despite a new Democratic majority in Congress that supports allowing lower-priced medications from countries such as Canada.

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee yesterday debated legislation introduced by Sen. Byron L. Dorgan, North Dakota Democrat, that would establish safeguards designed to ensure prescription drugs brought into the United States from Canada are not harmful. For instance, the bill directs the Food and Drug Administration to inspect Canadian drug exporters 12 times a year, far more frequently than U.S. drug makers.