Saturday, March 10, 2007

Edwards Leads-Again

John Edwards is making leading on tough issues a habit. He was the first presidential candidate to call for universal health care and to put forward a comprehensive plan to make it a reality. He was the first to apologize for his vote to authorize the war in Iraq, and the first to say that we need to get out troops out of Iraq. Now, today, after months of political "if I had known then what I know now" double-speak, Hilliary Clinton is also calling for a March 2008 time line for withdrawal.

And on Thursday, Edwards was the first candidate to pull out of the Nevada presidential debate because it was sponsored, in part, by Fox News. His principled stand on this and other issues could've come with a big price tag- he could've been the only candidate to miss the debate in this key early primary state of Nevada. But sometimes when you do the right thing, others ultimately follow, and on Friday, the Nevada Democratic Party pulled the plug on the debate, pointing to the participation by Fox.

Edwards has the strength of character, the courage and the vision to lead on all of these issues. I want a leader to be President, not a politico who checks a poll and then decides what he believes.


Tina said...

Right now Edwards is my guy. O think the Republs are going to do their best to turn this election into a "tough-guy" contest. They have messed up so bad that all they can do now is try to present themselves as being tough on this and tough on that, and that will involve a lot of playing on voters' prejudices and fears. I hope Edwards will continue to take strong stands on the difficult issues.

Kathy said...

Exactly, Tina! That's why it was important for their female he-man attack dog Ms. Coulter to insinuate right away that Edwards is effeminate.

Given the problematic material the "family values" champs have to work with this time around, you can't blame them for trying. Edwards is our best shot at reclaiming the White House. And the Republicans know it.

Amy Morton said...

Edwards is a strong, moral leader. What a breath of fresh air!