Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Georgia Democrats Who Failed Our Children

I will, at come point, move on, but today is not that day. Today, I am shocked and saddened by the Democrats in the Georgia House who failed to stand up for Georgia's children. What issue goes more to the core of what Democrats stand for than making sure that children in Georgia's working families have access to healthcare?

Democrats gave Georgia children PeachCare. Republicans like Speaker Richardson have never been thrilled with it, and have expressed glee at the opportunity to 'give it a new look.' If HB 340 passes the senate, and it will, that 'new look' will include a lot more uninsured Georgia children. I get that Richardson is fine with that, but what about the Democrats who voted for the bill? Did their finger slip? Were they possessed by a demon at the time of the vote? Worse than those who voted for the bill-there are a number of Democrats who could not be bothered to vote at all. In my view, that's worse. Check on what your representative did by clicking here.

Jacobs and Black were the only two Democrats in the House who voted 'yes' on 340. Black is a former school board president. I cannot imagine what in his experience led him to this decision. And Jacobs? What can I say? This is not the first disappointment from him. But legislators like Mangham, Sailor, and Parham could not be bothered to vote at all. Some might say, "at least they didn't vote 'yes.'" Give me a break. How hard is it to justify a vote for Georgia's children? What campaign mail are they dreading? "Mangham dares to vote for children's healthcare?" Please.

This is going to pass the senate, but I hope that not a single senate Democrat will join in this effort.


Button Gwinnett said...

These guys and Speaker Richardson should be forced to sit in one of any number of social services offices for a whole day. Let them look into the eyes of some of the children that they say we can't afford to take care of.

Amy Morton said...

Actually, Speaker Richardson said that he did not have health insurance as a child. I say, case in point.

Amy Morton said...

And, I should give credit where it is due. Nikki Randall, Pat Gardner, Calvin Smyre, DuBose Porter and other stood strong in their opposition to this bill and spoke passionately about their opposition yesterday.

Open+Transparent said...

DuBose and Smyre stood strong? if they stood strong??? They are supposed to be THE leaders of their party/ if they stood strong,
Jacobs, Ellis, Mangham, Sailor, and Parham would have stood with them, instead of cowardly selling out.

Open+Transparent said...

What about DuBose Porter's sonogram vote?