Sunday, March 25, 2007

Georgia Leaders Endorse Edwards

Tune in to 60 Minutes tonight to see John and Elizabeth Edwards' first interview since announcing her diagnosis. They want you to know that the show may be delayed because of the UNC game, and that they will be watching, cheering on the Tar Heels, as always. Tune into CBS at (about) 7 PM.
Over the weekend, I saw a CNN story about Edwards challenging the other candidates on healthcare, and a story about Hillary Clinton having a fundraiser where she expected to snag a cool two million. That's quite a juxtaposition. Edwards is increasingly viewed as the candidate with a detailed, workable platform on issues that the average American cares about. No wonder Georgia leaders, like Gov. Roy Barnes and Shi Shailendra have already announced their support for Edwards.
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Don Thieme said...

I thought that Katie Couric was a shameless hussy for some of those questions, although I guess that the Edwarads received better treatment than Condi did. It seemed to me that many of those questions should have been addressed to Elizabeth, and she literally had to butt her way in to reestablish the positive tone which they are trying to set both for their campaign and their personal lives.