Sunday, March 25, 2007

Georgia's Political Paparazzi

What are the editors of the Savannah Morning News thinking? Speaker Richardson had no choice but to act to protect his members from Georgia's Political Paparazzi. With the press clogging the aisles of the House, hiding under member's desks and asking irritating questions, legislators like Larry O'Neal are having a tough time reaching around them to scratch each other's backs, let alone lend Governor Perdue a helping hand. After all, what's a few hundred grand between friends? The press are simply in the way.

Never mind that the press is the eyes and ears of the people of Georgia. Never mind that the culture of secrecy and corruption that has plagued Republicans in Congress has established a firm foothold in Georgia. Never mind that this administration has gutted funding for the Ethics Commission and acted only to weaken Georgia's Open Records/Open Meetings laws.

Let's get our priorities straight. I, for one, appreciate the Speaker sheltering his members and the public from too much exposure to the truth. Richardson is well equipped to decide what the public needs to know. Isn't that why we elected him?

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