Thursday, March 15, 2007

One and Done

This is becoming a habit for Duke. First in the ACC Tournament, they lost their first game to N.C. State and tonight:

Virginia Commonwealth: 79
Duke: 77


Jon said...

I figured you would be all over this one. VCU looked scary good at the end and Duke had that lost look to them.

Did you hear on the telecast about Coach Roy's sister? Very sad.

Amy Morton said...

I was restricted to watching scoring updates on my phone because my husband insisted taking me out for a romantic dinner. What was he thinking???:)He grew up here, where the SEC and some sport called football is king. Then there was that law school stint at UGA when someone named Walker was playing....

For fifteen years, we have been discussing the fact that basketball is the only sport that really matters, and still, he does not agree. It must have something to do with this red clay. He actually is excited that UNC has hired a top drawer football coach and does not listen when I tell him that no one, absolutely no one in NC cares about that sport.

Seriously, no. What about his sister?

Jon said...

She died yesterday. Apparently she had been ill for awhile, and was in an assisted living environment.

I guess the announcer was talking to Coach about being closer to family (a couple days ago), and Roy mentioned seeing his sister more often as one of the advantages to being back in NC.

All joking aside, it's a terrible thing to lose a loved one...

Jon said...


Still, it was an emotional day for Williams, whose sister died Wednesday night after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer's disease. He was on the sidelines as always, surpassing mentor Dean Smith's mark of 17 straight years with at least one NCAA win.

He said he doesn't expect to miss any time with the team during the tournament, with funeral services expected to be held Sunday or Monday.

"It was a difficult day, no question about that," he said. "Right now basketball items are the things that keep me going."