Thursday, March 29, 2007

Roverian Dirty Trick in the 10th?

Did Jim Whitehead deliberately send an email that advertised an incorrect special election date to Democratic voters? Was I just being naive yesterday with my assumption that Jim Whitehead errantly sent an email announcement about his campaign to a lifelong Democrat? Mrs. Righteous Jackass thinks so, and she goes on to point out that the date of the election is incorrect, listed as June 17th not June 19th ,in the email. Here's her take on the Whitehead email:

Mrs. Righteous Jackass said...
Amy, I'm sure he sent that out knowingly to Georgia Democrats in an attempt to confuse them. The primary is June 19th, not 17th. This sounds like the rightwing talk radio asshats who were telling people in 2004 that the Dems voted on one day and the Reps voted on the actual election day.Republicans couldn't tell the truth if their very lives depended on it!
12:18 PM

Having seen Roverian tricks up close and personal, I have no doubt that the GOP machine is capable of deliberate deception, but is that what happened here? Here's the excerpt in question:

And I hope that I can count on your vote and support in the special election on June 17th. With your support, I will go to our nation’s capital and protect the things that matter most to the people of the 10th Congressional District.


Jim Whitehead

I have no doubt that Whitehead 'regrets the error.'


Tina said...

Maybe somebody just made a really egregious I often do.

Amy Morton said...

Me, too, but some think that I am being generous in that assumption.

Tina said...

I can be excused to because I am 70 yrs old and NOT running for political office ! :-)