Friday, March 9, 2007


I am sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting to pick up my son's friend from Texas, and I just want to say that it never ceases to amaze me what some women put on their feet when they know full well they have bags to carry and a ways to walk in an airport. Spike heels for an airport?!!


Vic said...

shhh Amy,

You've blown the secret. It's a little known republican ploy to help recruit new members and it worked... and i have gone to great extremes to uncover this riddle, which has caused the democrats to implode in Georgia.
If you don't know shoes, you don't know politics or religion.
Ruth: 4:7

You wanna see shoes? try the MAGA Friday night set at the Contemporary Arts Exchange. Shoes are art.

Even Zell gets it, under the Dubious Democrat topic at:


Vic said...

And the real issue is why would you let your son associate with anyone from Texas? :-)

Amy Morton said...

Victor, I posted this just for you.

Tina said...

Back to the original topic -- Those who wear uncomfortable shoes at airports do so because for them appearance trumps common sense.
Wonder what they do at the polls?

Vic said...

Amy, I am forever in your debt.
And Tina, you'll have to come to Club Sinsations, right around the corner from Rosa Taylor Elementary School in Macon, Georgia to see what kind of shoes they wear at the poles.

New musical slide show featuring Central Ga Tech's - Adult Learning Center at:

I'm slipping, forgot to do shoes with this one, so hats and beards will have to suffice.

Amy Morton said...

Vic. if I had known they had polls, we would've been voting there all along.

Tina said...

People with tight shoes vote very quickly, if at all...and if the line is "too long" they go home.

axe said...

ya...i agree...People with tight shoes vote very quickly