Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome New Georgia Political Blogger

Welcome to Rural Dem, Georgia's newest political blogger. He describes himself as a "moderate to conservative" Democrat. If you visit Rural Democrat, you will have the opportunity to vote in his polls for both the Democratic and Republican nominee for President.


Kathy said...

Good site! Interesting that all sponsors of HB340 are men. Either Republican women were not invited to join this demolition project, or it's true that even Republican women draw the line somewhere.

RuralDem said...


Thanks again for putting up the link. I really appreciate it.


Thanks! I am hopeful this legislation will get "lost in the mix" on Tuesday, or that it gets defeated in the House, however, I realize the political alignment and sad to say, I believe this will pass.

It's a sad day when party politics take precedent over the healthcare of children in our state.