Friday, April 13, 2007

Act Now to Stop Cuts to PeachCare

We can help protect Georgia's children by stopping cuts to PeachCare, but we have to act NOW. Monday morning at 9 am, the Senate Rules committee will take up HB340, the proposed PeachCare cuts. If this bill passes, we will have more uninsured children, and dental and vision benefits will be in jeopardy. You can help by calling your Senator and telling them to oppose this bill. Thanks to AARP, the call will be free.
For the kids, just dial 1-800-511-6259. Call, and tell others to call, and tell you Senator to vote NO on HB 340.

Thanks very much to AARP for setting up this tollfree line and to my friend Kathy Floyd for sending this information.

We hoped that Cagle might do the right thing on this bill, but one has to wonder whether he traded House consideration of SB10 (voucher bill) for Senate consideration of HB340. I hope not, because, if so, this is a lose/lose for Georgia's children.

Now, get dialing, and tell others to do the same.

Here's more information from AARP:

Health Care Coverage for Children in Jeopardy

House Bill 340 would leave more children uninsured, limit benefits

Perhaps you’ve seen the new AARP commercials with the tag line, “What we do we do for all.” Standing against House Bill 340, which would deny health coverage to many children who would otherwise be covered and make dental and vision coverage harder to get, is a perfect example of this motto in action.
PeachCare provides essential health coverage to children from low-income working families. Statewide, PeachCare provides health coverage to every tenth child. PeachCare provides coverage to hard-working, tax-paying families in urban and rural parts of the state.
HB 340 would lower the income eligibility level for PeachCare to 200% of the federal poverty level. If that level were in effect now, at least 22,000 more children would be uninsured. Going forward with that new level, an additional 3,000 to 5,000 children each year would be denied coverage. In addition, HB 340 would make necessary dental and vision services optional at an additional premium.
AARP Georgia strongly believes that children should not be without health coverage. Georgia needs coverage for more children, not fewer. Your help is needed. Call toll-free 1-800-511-6259 and ask your Senator to vote NO on HB 340 and protect Georgia’s children.

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