Friday, April 20, 2007

Duck, Anyone?

What a difference a term makes. Not too long ago, Georgia Republicans looked invulnerable. They controlled the House, Senate and the majority of the constitutional offices. If they disagreed with one another, the fights were behind closed doors, and the Governor had the legislature marching to his drum. Today, barely four months into his second term, Sonny Perdue is the lamest of ducks, and the fights between the House and Senate are daily fodder for the press. Republican bloggers are calling the Governor a "freaking loser" and wishing to have Mark Taylor back for just one day. Suddenly, the GOP looks more like a bunch of snotty-nosed brats than professional lawmakers concerned about their constituents. They still control both chambers and most of the constitutional offices, but let's just say that they have not worn power well.

Yesterday, Gov. Perdue, who has been strangely quiet for most of the session, vetoed the supplemental budget, and this morning, the Georgia House, with very few 'no' votes, overrode that veto. How embarrassing for the Governor. Can he not count votes? Will a special session be required? Probably, and you and I get to PAY FOR IT.

Now, it is approaching 6 pm. It takes four hours to print the budget, then it has to be in the hands of legislators for at least an hour before a final vote. So, will they be able to vote on the budget before midnight? Does the senate even want to vote? So much has been accomplished during regular session, I think that it is only fitting that taxpayer finance more time in Atlanta for this bunch of Keystone Cops.

This legislative session began with a scandal in the Speaker's office and progressed to daily verbal arm wrestling between Richardson and Cagle- two likely candidates for the GOP nomination for Governor in 2010. (Frankly, I think that we would've all been better off if we'd just let them duke it out.) In the meantime, as of just a few minutes ago, 264 bills had made it through both chambers and wait for the signature of the Governor. (There is actually a Senate resolution encouraging the effective teaching of social studies. I kid you not. Apparently, before, we were in favor of the ineffective teaching of social studies.)

Take a look at this list of bills and tell me, do you think that taxpayers got their money's worth this session?

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