Monday, April 16, 2007

Edwards Vows to Work to Win Georgia

Last night in Macon, John Edwards told the crowd that if he were the nominee, he would work to win Georgia in the general election. "You have my word on it," he said.

Let that sink in a bit. How many of you remember that in 2004, after he won the nomination, John Kerry hardly (the accurate word may be never) set foot in the state? For those of us tired of being an export state when it comes to presidential politics, having the candidate actually show up would be a refreshing change. Edwards will come to Georgia and campaign, and, with his appeal to southern voters, there is no doubt that he will help our down-ballot races.

Looks like Edwards just gave Georgians another reason to support him. Below are some photographs from last night's event. More details will follow. (It was a great night, and a large crowd, despite the rain.) View all photos here.


Tim said...

ok, but the question we ALL want to know is...

Was Cate there!?

Btw, Amy, you did a great job at convention on Sunday. A lot of YDs were very impressed with your representation for Edwards. Thumbs up.

Amy Morton said...

No, Cate was not there. She is in law school-I believe at Harvard-and I imagine that this is a pretty intense time of the year. And, Elizabeth was not there because she was in NY being recognized by TIME as one of the 100 most influencial people. (Isn't that cool?)

But, we were glad to have John as a consolation prize. :)

And, thanks, I appreciated the YD's giving me some time. It was great to be there with you guys.