Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jettison Jacobs

Creative Loafing's "18th Annual Golden Sleaze Awards" are a must read. It comes as no surprise that Rep. Mike Jacobs received the coveted DINO Award. Come on Democrats-we seriously need a candidate to run against this guy.

The Jacobs portion of the article is below, but, please, to find out who got the "Gone Fishin' Award", the "Taking Away Tiny Tim's Crutch Award", the "God's Fool Award and many, many more, just click here, and get ready to laugh. Or cry. Your choice.

The DINO Award

To Rep. Mike Jacobs, D-Atlanta

It's one thing when a rural Democrat swings right or switches parties to keep pace with changing political winds in his district. But Jacobs hails from mid-DeKalb, the most liberal county in Georgia. Did the folks who returned the onetime Democratic up-and-comer to the House by a 2-1 margin over his GOP opponent really intend for young Mike to cross the aisle to support kicking kids off PeachCare, reviving payday lending and relaxing legal standards for imposing the death penalty?

Lest you think Jacobs' votes simply reflected ideological differences with party mates, he also voted to return the tarnished Richardson to the speaker's seat and to reinstate the despotic House rules – clear tips he's kowtowing to GOP leaders.

Jacobs confirmed to CL that he is thinking about adding an "R" behind his name. With the way he's voted this session, however, that would be an unnecessary waste of letterhead.


Tina said...

The Japanese have a saying that is appropriate here. "You can't explain the horizon to a frog in a well." We have too many frog-in-the-well politicians in Georgia who need to be looking at the larger the fact that the pendulum seems to be swinging back toward the Democratic party. If Democrats elect the next president, and I think they will, and Georgia goes Republican, then the whole state may be a frog in the well so far as political power is concerned.

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