Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh. God, Please Let Midnight Come Quickly

We have public school vouchers, SB10, without a vote to spare. And we have the HB147, the ultrasound bill. There were, by the way too many votes to spare on the ultrasound bill. I have not seen the list yet, but there were only 47 opposing votes.


Tim said...

I believe, unless I missed something, that the state senate adjourned without passing the NRA, shoot-your-coworkers, bills. yay!

Oh, and the protections for the south-end of jekyll were re-instated into the HB214 bill on Jekyll Island. Thanks to Senator Chapman and the League of Conservation Voters, Young Dems, everyone else that worked very hard to get those protections back in the bill and passed.

Amy Morton said...

Yes, I think that they were shamed into not moving forwsrd on the gun bills, and PeachCare is unchanged, thanks to their gridlok. It is good news about Jekyll, the Pipeline bill and that we still have to have a jury agree to impose the death penalty.

Tina said...

Georgians might have been better off if the legislature hadn't event met this year.