Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Strange Bedfellows

Macon's Rev. Ronald Terry, pastor of New Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, could be described as one of a handful of people in Middle Georgia with whom a political candidate would want to have an "early conversation." That's why his choice of guest speaker at the groundbreaking of his new $1.5 million expansion was interesting. It was none other than Sen. Saxby Chambliss, and you can read the story and view the video, courtesy of 13WMAZ, by clicking here.

Look, folks. This is one of the largest traditionally African-American churches in Macon. The message? Among other things, Vernon Jones cannot beat Saxby, and if Democrats want to take that seat, now is the time to recruit a viable candidate. Perhaps no one can stop Jones from running, but read the handwriting on the wall. He is not electable. Moving on.

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tribalecho said...

Interesting. Though I thought you were going somewhere else with the story. I'm not hooked in. Does anyone take Jones seriously enough for him to keep a serious Dem out of the race? Sad, if so.

This Macon appearance of Saxby reminded me of those months I spent hours watching the Christian networks and their focus on blacks. Between seeing the Right Reactionary Pastor Parsley in a GA studio with a group of black pastor's and their wives, and Bush's political pay-off's via the Faith-based Initiative, hearing that the most influential black Pastor in Macon is putting Saxby in the forefront makes me wonder what might be involved. Then there's Eddie Long. Sigh.

If Vernon Jones runs against Saxby I predict that the numbers of black voters going to the GOP will be of historic proportions.

ps. I came by to see what you have to say about the voucher poll being reported yesterday.