Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is Why I Like Jim Marshall

According to the AJC's Political Insider, Congressman Jim Marshall addressed the Georgia legislature today and voiced his strong support for not only maintaining PeachCare at current levels, but challenged the legislators to be visionary and look at how they might include more children. He offered reassurance that the Congress would be looking at ways to do just that and encouraged the legislators to keep pace. This is why I like Jim Marshall. Can you imagine, say, Mac Collins, giving that speech? When you feel like throwing stones Marshall's way, you might want to remember that but for 1000 votes, it would've been Mac giving that speech.


keith said...

Jim marshall please run for the senate next year & kick saxby chambliss ass across georgia. & then persuade robert brown (d) state senator from macon to run for your seat to keep it in dems hands.

Chris said...

I am also a big Marshall fan. I think a lot of the liberal activists from Atlanta (or other blue places) don't quite appreciate how toxic the social environment that Democrats like Marshall, Barrow, Dubose Porter etc have to run in.

And yet on Peachcare and many, many other issues there is a big difference between Democrats and Republicans, and Marshall showed why yesterday. Go Jim!

Nana Democrat said...

Jim gets a round of applause this time for sure! We know that a non-conservative Democrat stands about as much chance as a snowball in...well, other places. The way I see it, Jim's doing the best he can with a really tough assignment. I don't envy Dubose and his fellow Democrats either who endure a daily dose of right wingers at their worst.