Monday, April 30, 2007

Want a Fifty State Strategy? Vote Edwards

Over at MyDD, Peter from WI blogs about Edwards' promise to the Democratic Party of South Carolina. It is the same promise he made when he was here with us in Macon.
"He said that he would, as the nominee, be back to South Carolina to campaign in that state to do two things. First, he would campaign there to win the state, and second, he would campaign there to continue to build the Democratic Party in South Carolina and in the South. That's a bold promise, breaking the mold of our past nominees and something that bodes well for the vitality of our party nationally."

Having a Democratic candidate for President who actually implements a 50 state strategy would be a tremendous advantage, especially for states like Georgia and South Carolina. And, Edwards' promise carries with it credibility. What did he do in the off season? He help state legislative caucuses, including Georgia, raise money. After Kerry won the nomination who came back to Georgia before the election in November? John Edwards. Who is coming to help the Democratic Party of Georgia raise money on May 17th? John Edwards.

Who am I supporting for President? John Edwards.

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