Thursday, April 26, 2007

What John Edwards Did Today

What did John Edwards do to prepare for tonight's debate? Stump for votes? Participate in 'debate prep'? Sort of. Hotline reports that Edwards 'debate prep' was a visit to Allendale, SC a small town a couple of hours away from Columbia where more than a third of the people live below the poverty line. He is the candidate in this race who most often speaks for people, often in rural America, who are virtually voiceless in the political arena. When Edwards talks about "all of us", the people of all the Allendales in the country are included.
Hotline suggests that Edwards is drawing a contrast between his campaign and that of Clinton and Obama. They point out that while Edwards spent today in Allendale, tomorrow, Obama is headed for the decidedly wealthier Charleston. I personally don't make too much of that. All these candidate have to raise money, but what does matter to me is Edwards' substantive treatment of the issues and his commitment to address poverty and to restore our moral authority to lead in the world.


Bernita Smith said...

Some things you should know about Allendale, SC besides its "where more than a third of the people live below the poverty line." and John Boy's visit.

It's a rural farm community that has lost a significant amount of manufacturing plants and jobs because our country prefers to buy products from China.

It's a town where you can still sleep with your front door open because everyone is related to you - either through blood or adjoining farmlands.

It's a town that could be better if Democrats and Republicans would get off their butts and stop talking about "I grew up in rural America" rhetoric and actually provide economic incentives.

It's a town that protects the environment by keeping its farmland preserved for farmland.

I know this because I am part time resident of Allendale, SC and my family has lived on the same 300 acres for the past 72 years.

Bernita Smith said...

1 more thought - John Edwards' visit to my hometown does not conclude "his commitment to address poverty and to restore our moral authority to lead in the world". John Edwards was in Allendale, SC because 71% of the county voted for John Kerry in 2004 and as of January 2007, 73% of all registered county voters are Black.

Let's not get his political visit twisted with his self righteous moral authority political front.

Amy Morton said...

Don't you think that whoever our next president is must restore our moral authority to lead in the world? It seems to me that the rest of the world views us as the bully on the block and that most of America is detached from the political process. I think that's a problem. Edwards has been talking about these issues from the beginning. If you haven't already, you might want to check his proposed Rural Recovery Act.

Bernita Smith said...

Does "our moral authority" mean encouraging other countries to also believe in our beliefs of democracy. The bully approach isn't the only reason why people hate this country. It's the smugness of Americans who believe that they have a higher moral authority than others.

Edwards' 2007 Rural Recovery Act - is this a revamped version of his 2004 Rural Revitalization plan? Didn't he sell the same wares during his failed 2004 Presidential bid? I guess if you keep selling the same snake oil on the same corner then someone is bound to buy it.

What is the difference between 2004 and 2008 - oh yeah 1 thing - he released David Axelrod from his campaign to go and screw up Obama's campaign and in return Edwards picked up Joe Trippi. Yeah, that Trippi factor is really going to carry him over the top. Trippi is widely known for bringing a strong moral influence to a campaign.