Friday, April 27, 2007

Who's Running and Who's Not

Things did not go quite as planned today at Politics and Lunch. Alan Essig, executive director of Georgia Budget and Policy Institute was the scheduled speaker, but he became point-in-case for why rail to alleviate the congestion of I-75 is a good idea. Try as he did, with a wreck at the High Falls exit and all lanes southbound shut down, he just couldn't get here. (Alan, soon, I am expecting a policy paper on the virtues of investing in commuter rail.)

In his absence, we did hear from two local candidates. Keith Moffett announced that he will announce for City Council on May 15th. He will run for a seat currently held by Brenda Youmas. Note to Keith: I think you just announced. Keith's professional focus is economic development, and he says that he hopes to put his expertise in that area to work for the City.

Rabbi Larry Slesinger is also running for Macon City Council, for the seat now held by City Council President Anita Ponder. Anita has left that seat to run for Mayor. He says that though he has been in Macon for just three years, he has become very active and invested in the well being of the city. Slesinger says that he is not a politician and does not aspire to any other office, but he has heard the cry from the people for leadership on Council, he has responded, "Send me." Slesinger is not just blowing smoke here, folks. I have gotten to know him over the last three years, and he is bright, engaged and selfless in his dedication to the community. I admire his work with the Downtown Clergy Association, the only integrated (by faiths and race) clergy association in Macon.

There were at least two other potential candidates in the room today. No, I'm not going to say who they are.

In the rumor department, I have heard that a local operative has recruited three candidates to run against Mike Cranford, Ed DeFore and James Timley. Elaine Lucas is running but has opposition. Henry Ficklin has a website up for a mayoral run, but he has not announced. He does have opposition for his council seat. Lonnie Miley is running against Rick Hutto, who has not announced his intentions as yet. Filomena Mullis is a question mark.

Whatever happens, we will see significant changes on Council and in the Mayor's office. Let's hope, for the sake of the City, voters make good choices.


Tina said...

I saw that awful wreck from where I was driving on the northbound side. There was at least one huge truck overturned. Lots of police cars, fire trucks etc. Traffic was backed up for many miles, and there were still workers on the scene l.5 hours later when I was driving back from McDonough. One of the vehicles was a big mail truck.

Amy Morton said...

That's awful! I hope no one was hurt.