Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shocking isn't it? There are a few Georgia Democrats who will have no one to vote for after they read this post. It seems that the top three contenders for the Democratic nomination for president-Clinton, Obama and Edwards-are all drawing support from Republicans. Control the urge to reminisce about Regan Democrats and Republicans for (Bill) Clinton. Some are convinced that we must eschew the support of all who fail to meet our liberal litmus tests. Here are the details of the heresy among us:

For Obama, who is making his way to Georgia this Saturday, there's Republicans for Obama. Go there now to form a Georgia chapter. Perhaps there will be special seating for the group at the event this weekend.

For Edwards, who is also coming to Georgia this Saturday, there's GOP4JRE. It's scandalous, I know, but the host list for his Macon event includes both Republicans and some Democratic heavy hitters like Gov. Roy Barnes and Rep. DuBose Porter. There are even a few Democrats in the mix who describe themselves as conservative. Careful, there might be some sort of weird chemical reaction.

And, Rupert Murdoch (yes, that's the same Murdoch who owns Fox News) hosted a fundraiser for Sen. Hillary Clinton in July of 2006. Of course, how could he say no when Sen. Clinton had just attended a bash celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Fox News? And that's not the only prominent Republican who is supporting Sen. Clinton.

So, what's a Democrat to do? Be glad, that's what.

We gain strength as a Party when we attract those who have not always supported Democrats. Our nominee for President will need the support of Democrats, Republicans and, especially, that increasingly large category of "swing voters" in order to win. We'd all do well to remember that most Americans are not "party-loyal" people who support the Democrat or Republican in the race just because they happened to qualify under the Party banner. Most people vote for the candidate, and if we want to win elections, it's time we got handle on that fact.

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