Monday, April 16, 2007

You Know It's a Bad Bill When....

An employee who brings a gun to work in his car is going to use that weapon to kill someone at his workplace. Then, the family of the victim is going to sue the employer, who, if the "guns in parking lots" bill passes, will have reason to suspect that an employee might bring a gun to work. Remarkably, the Georgia legislature is seeking not to prevent the deaths and injuries they reasonably anticipate, but instead, that have amended the legislation to prevent that lawsuit and all others against a business for the acts of its employees. The common example that has been used is that if company vehicle runs over a toddler, the parents could seek damages from the driver but not from the company.

Is the Georgia legislature really more interested in protecting businesses from litigation, than saving lives? It appears so. This is bad legislation,; legislation Republicans know will make Georgians less safe. But instead of worrying about public safety, the GOP is worried about the NRA.

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