Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Embarrassment for Georgia GOP

Though it was hardly needed, our Georgia Republican legislators have offered up yet another fine example of their arrogance and sheer lack of professionalism. What did they do this time? When Chambliss and Isakson scheduled a private conference call with GOP legislators to discuss the immigration bill, one of them, or perhaps more than one of them served up the call-in number and pass code to none other than certified extremist, D.A. King. According to the guys at Political Insider, Saxby and Johnny were furious. I guess so. It's not clear from the article exactly when the two U.S. Senators learned that Mr. King was on the call. What a bunch of children.

No one should be surprised by this. As I pointed out in this piece in December of 2006, King is mighty chummy with some Georgia Republican lawmakers. I suggested then that he would certainly be in the room when immigration issues were discussed in Georgia. Who knew he would also be on the phone during what was supposed to be a private call?

This incident is more significant than just the fact that King was on the call and was not supposed to be. This breech, this disrespect of two sitting U.S. Senators, is symptomatic of the void of leadership with in the GOP and the utter arrogance of Republicans in the Georgia General Assembly. They are increasingly controlled by the extremists within their own Party, and they are more and more out of touch with the Georgians they are supposed to represent. This incident is emblematic of the fact that the GOP continues to fracture at its base.


Don Thieme said...

Saxby and Johnny are not exactly batting at the top of the lineup these days, are they? They made a big deal about the closing of the Savannah River Ecology Lab, and the DOE went ahead that very day and closed it. That was how the story played here in Athens, at any rate.

Don Thieme said...

Your link to the AJC blog should be updated to:

There is another story ahead of the one you reference. You also have an extraneous "is" (This is incident) in the third paragraph, first sentence.