Saturday, May 12, 2007

"We Failed Our Constituents"

"We failed our constituents," said Governor Perdue. Yes, you did, Governor, and Richardson has apologized to you for referencing your rear, but who's going to apologize to the everyday Georgians who paid the price for this year's study in how not to govern?

Georgia Republicans, in word and deed, have made a good and public case for why voters ought to bounce them all out of office. Don't take my word for it. For a blistering critique of the Georgia GOP, just glance to your right:

First, Perdue called the proposed property tax rebate,"the wrong choice, reached in panic, in the dark of night, in a secret room."


Then, on April 21, Speaker Richardson accused Perdue of showing lawmakers his “backside” and “acting like a child.”

Could've done without the visual.

Not to be outdone, Perdue, acknowledging the futility of trying to work with Glenn Richardson's House, rescinded the veto of the supplemental budget and said, "There is obviously no spirit of compromise with the House leadership. Leaders in my opinion don't act in such a way," Perdue said.


Other GOP lawmakers got into the spirit of ripping their own. Rep. Mills responded with a "bounces off me sticks to you" approach noting,"Someone could say the same thing about his response to what the House and Senate agreed upon," said Mills. "That knife cuts both ways."

Okay, so the Governor is a poor leader as well.

Yet another Republican lawmaker, Sen. Lee Hawkins worried aloud that taxpayers might pay the price for the GOP infighting. He said, "I would hope that retaliation is not taken out on the taxpayers of the state."

Too late.

I've got news for the Senator, we are already paying the price. Even Perdue acknowledged that the midyear budget is still flawed. Among the causalities? Prosecutors who may have to be furloughed before the June 30 end of the fiscal year. I guess Georgia Republicans just ceded the "law and order" issue.

To sum up the damage from the session, look to that entirely objective voice from the AJC, Jim Wooten who today wrote," This is a party adrift, a big tent where an assortment of moderates and conservatives mill about, without unifying principle, aim or agenda."

Nope, he's not talking about Democrats.

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