Saturday, May 19, 2007

More on Ellis Endorsing Obama

I have just one question about this. How does someone with the political experience of Ellis not know that a call with a candidate like Obama is closed to the press?

From the Telegraph:

Mayor Jack Ellis invited the media to listen to his telephone call with Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, only to find out from Obama's people that the call was supposed to be closed to the media.
So the media waited patiently as Ellis said little on his end of the conversation with the Democratic presidential candidate, which lasted about 15 minutes.
Once the call was completed, Ellis was glowing in his endorsement of Obama.
"He wants to compete in Georgia, and he wants to compete throughout the country," Ellis said. "He wants to compete for every vote. He's trying to get as many as he can."
Ellis worked on the Rev. Jesse Jackson's campaign in 1988 and said he would volunteer to help Obama's when he had time. Once his term is over, Ellis said he would join the Obama campaign officially "if they asked me to join."
He added that he had other options he was considering once his term is over in December.
Ellis bristled at the notion of calling Obama an "African-American candidate," pointing out that Obama's mother is white.
"He's no more African-American than he is Caucasian," Ellis said. "He understands both worlds. ... I don't think (race) is a factor at all."
Ellis said he is endorsing Obama because he believes him to be the most qualified candidate.
"(I support) his position on the war," Ellis said. "He speaks to what many mayors worry about. He brings experience working at the grassroots level. ... What he stands for on urban issues, foreign policy, urban agenda - we haven't had that since Bill Clinton was in office."

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