Friday, May 4, 2007

One Dollar, One Vote?

So, Cole Thomason (R) is not going to run again for Macon City Council, and that's a little bit of a story. Erick Erickson, of Peach Pundit, is considering running for the seat, but just can't decide. That's a little bit more of a story. But here's the real story. In giving his reason for declining to run for another term Thomason listed his family, a baby on the way (congratulations) and the general problems of the City, but then he said this:

"He said it also has been troubling to come to grips with the fact that
Ward V residents supply much of the city's tax revenue, yet with just three
council members, do not receive proportionate representation on the

The council's general voting history has not been in the
interests of Ward V residents, who are looking for more fiscal restraint and
a decreased government presence, he said. "That, unfortunately, is in most cases the
opposite of what council does," he said."
So, are we moving from one person, one vote to one dollar, one vote? Are you saying that because Ward V residents contribute more to the City's coffers, they should have a greater say in how that money is spent?

There is something decidedly 'undemocratic' about that philosophy especially when the truth is that money always talks in politics. People who make contributions and who have resources have access to power while middle class America does not. Plus, assuming that the middle class does not want those who govern to act in a fiscally responsible manner is nearly as absurd as the assumption that Republicans are the party of fiscal conservatism- all evidence to the contrary in Washington and Atlanta.

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