Monday, May 14, 2007

Republicans Declare War - On Themselves

And who can blame them? Facing a mountain of corruption and almost certain electoral losses in 2008, the rank and file - the foot soldiers and the funders - have declared war on their own Party. They are so disgusted that a political blogger and current Republican candidate for Macon City Council, Erick Erickson, has picked up the sword himself.

In At War With the GOP, Erick Erickson of Peach Pundit and Red State, writes:

We got slaughtered last November at the polls. One of the reasons is corruption. And yet the GOP put another California Republican on the House Appropriations Committee this week — the fourth one to have records seized by the FBI in an ongoing corruption investigation.
Whether its the Democrats or Republicans, it is wrong. And it must stop. So I’ve declared war on the House GOP Steering Committee. We’re going to go after them and their donors. First, we’re going to call them all. You can help. The first target is John Linder.

And, over at RedState, he writes:

If the House Republican leadership is so out of touch and willing to blatantly ignore their base — a group of men and women across this nation who are tired of defending a party that continually puts into positions of power *known* perverts, louts, and corrupt common criminals — we must be willing to wage war upon them until they bend to common sense and decency.

This civil war within the GOP should come as a surprise to no one. The fundamental economic principle that drives them, keeping more money in the pockets of the rich and corporate America, is a platform that appeals only to a minority of Americans. So, in order to win, for thirty years or more, the GOP has worked to cobble together an unlikely coalition of the Religious Right, ex-Southern Democrats and the traditional Republicans driven by economic principles (read: greed).

But, at the core, this is a party that is about making the rich richer. (If you don't believe that, take a peek at the "tax reform" they want to push forward next year.) They have put on the trappings of morality and dressed up the language, and in doing so brilliantly crafted a coalition of people who often vote against their own economic self-interest in order to "do what's right." Now the foot soldiers who put these guardians of wealth in power are seeing that they have been used, and that their leaders have little interest in what is "right."

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