Sunday, May 13, 2007

Support the Troops - End the War

Leading, once again, Sen. Edwards has a new website, "Support the Troops, End the War" where he calls for a day of action on Memorial Day to do both. Sid, over at Cracker Squire, points out that there is a Washington Post piece about this effort, and he notes that this may be a risky strategy. Cracker Squire: Edwards campaigns to make Memorial Day an antiwar statement -- This is risky and could backfire.

Maybe Sid's right, but Edwards has made it clear from the beginning of this race that he will not be doing what's safe- he'll be doing what he thinks is right. I appreciate his courage and his leadership. There is no issue facing the American people that is more important than Iraq. Besides, this is a two-prong strategy- Support the Troops and End the War. There not a lot controversial here.

Here are some of the things he suggests we do to Reclaim Patriotism:

1. Get local, get active, and get outdoors. Walk the streets of your neighborhood. Get everyone you know to sign a petition to your local government body—for instance, your town or city council or neighborhood association—to pass a resolution requesting that Congress use its funding authority to support our troops and end the war. Bring the petition to the next meeting. Share your plans here.

2. Send our troops a taste of home. Go shopping with your kids, your friends, your neighbors, and buy a whole bunch of stuff that would make a soldier happy to receive (check for restrictions). Then go through a site like,, or to send your package to a soldier in Iraq. Take photos and tell us about it.

3. Gather in public. On Memorial Day, get your friends, kids, co-workers, neighbors, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, and anyone and everyone you know together to publicly support the troops and end the war. Be sure to check with your local authority for any permits you need for public gatherings. Contact local media to publicize your event. Make sure you conduct yourself respectfully—both for those serving in Iraq and the memory of the brave servicemen and women that Memorial Day honors. Share your plans here.

4. Pray. Organize a prayer vigil for our troops at your house of worship. Tell us about it.
Make your voice heard in Washington. Call President Bush at (202) 456-1111 or email him at Call your Representative and U.S. Senator and ask them to use their funding power to support our troops and end the war. Tell us about it.

5. Get vocal. Buy a bunch of poster-board and markers. At a picnic or with family and friends, make signs that say “SUPPORT THE TROOPS - END THE WAR.” Bring them to your local Memorial Day parade. Then take a digital photo of yourself and your family or friends holding up the poster and tell us about it. We’ll include it in a “Democracy Photo Album” on our site.
Greet a vet. Before Memorial Day Weekend gets started, get in touch with the Yellow Ribbon Fund and volunteer to provide welcome-back services and mentorships to injured soldiers returning home. Tell us about it.

6. Say thank you. Send a thank-you note to our troops through organizations like Let's Say Thanks, A Million Thanks, or Operation Care Packages. Better yet - gather folks together to write thank-you notes at a picnic. Tell us about it.

7. Help an injured vet. Before Memorial Day Weekend gets underway, contact your local VA Hospital and learn how you can volunteer. Tell us about it.

8. Light up the night. Get your friends and family together and organize a Memorial Day candlelight vigil to support our troops and end the war. Share your plans here.

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Button Gwinnett said...

I like the idea of Memorial Day being a day of supporting the troops by rallying support to end the war. They've been misused and misled along with the rest of the country. We didn't rectify those mistakes in the 2004 election. So we need to do something about it NOW.

Tina said...

If you want to send a package to a man or woman in Iraq, here's the site I used to do so:
You get to choose state and other characteristics, so I chose to send my package to a female member of the Georgia National Guard who is serving in Iraq. I sent a large enough package for her to share with friends. As it turns out she is a battlefield medic.

Nancy said...

I am here to tell all you Hippies that want to end this war that my Dad has gone overseas 3 TIMES!!!! Everday they figh for your freedom so why don't you suck it up and deal. My father put his life on the line to save your ungreatful butts!!!! If you think this war is bad and Bush shouldn't have start it you should wake up and understand that war isn't pretty and I bet you people don't even know how empty you feel when a loved one leaves home to fight for you people's freedom and your not even grateful!!!!!!!