Friday, May 4, 2007

Whitehead's Macaca Moment

You do recall George Allen's "macaca moment" during the last cycle don't you? He was the front runner in Virgina and seemed untouchable until he was caught on tape calling one of Webb's supporters "macaca" over and over again. The momentum of the campaign turned at that point, and you know the rest of the story.

Judging from the buzz on the Georgia Blogs, and the email I received today from the DPG, Jim Whitehead be having his very own "macaca moment." Jane Kidd, DPG Chair is demanding that Whitehead explain his (paranoid) accusation that left-wingers are registering "known Al Qaeda terrorists" to vote, and the would-be congressman's speculation that the war in Iraq is "not a big deal" in his district has ruffled feathers in a state where too many soldiers have given their lives in that war.

Turns out that conspiracy theorists who dis the military don't fare to well in Georgia. At least he's moved on from blowing up UGA. Check Blog for Democracy and Peachtree Screed for the latest.