Saturday, June 16, 2007

And Justice for All

While much energy has been expended to protect the words "under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance, the powerful phrase, "liberty and justice for all" has been all but ignored of late in Georgia.

On the one hand, Genarlow Wilson sits in jail for a crime that would, under today's law, be a misdemeanor, and, on the other hand, Gov. Perdue has replaced Dee Simms, preferring to instead to appoint someone who pledges to work within the system to advocate for our children. What Simms courageously and accurately pointed out, and what Genarlow Wilson exemplifies, is that sometimes, it is the system itself that is broken, and in those instances, courage of conscious, sometimes at great personal risk, is required to right the wrong so that there really can be "liberty and justice for all."

By the way, I think Dee Simms ought to run for office, and while the legislature might be a good place to start, I think that this former prosecutor and advocate for Georgia's children would make one heck of an Attorney General. (My personal musings only.)


Tina said...

The state is largely ignoring public and editorial criticisms of its social service/mental health programs. They do it "their way" regardless of expressed dissatisfaction from a number of individuals and groups. I guess they figure that among the voting population those that DO care are outnumbered by those who either DON'T care or don't follow current events. Moreover they keep on patting themselves on the back for a job "well done." I would like to see their assumptions proven wrong in the next election and some major reforms take place.

Nick said...

Don't think Ms. Sims would run for office because its far easier to be a commenter about problems that to work to change them and that is all she is good for!